April 18th, 2018

We will all miss your enthusiasm for your work. And your constant presence at Colorado Plastics.


Anita and I are heartbroken to announce that our sweet friend, and loyal dog, Hunter has passed away.

Hunter’s passage is especially difficult because it happened while Anita is working in India.

Hunter was 16 years, two months and six days old.

He died on Wednesday, 4/18/18, in Drew’s arms, under sedation, after a seizure associated with Cushing’s Disease, in Boulder, Colorado.

Hunter joined our family when he was five. He was a rescue dog, who had been given up twice for biting, for which we imagine he had cause. With a lot of love and training, he overcame his past and lead a very satisfying life.

According to his DNA test, which Drew asked for as a birthday gift several years ago, Hunter was 100% miniature poodle, at least as far back as both his grandparents.

Hunter worked at our family business in hospitality and security, greeting customers and keeping mice at bay. He was featured in the local newspaper as one of Boulder County’s top shop dogs.

Most importantly, he was a cherished, beloved family member.

He loved everyone, including several cats who did not return his enthusiastic affection.

And Hunter was bonkers about ham, rare roast beef, and lettuce cork.

His favorite songs were The Rolling Stones, “You Can’t
Always Get What You Want,” (which is funny because he most often did get what he wanted) and the Grateful Dead’s version of, “I Know You Rider…(Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone).”

And miss him we will, endlessly.