March 28th, 2019

We don’t just sell plastic remnants on 4th Fridays here at Colorado Plastics.

We are open to the public to sell remants (also called scrap by some of our customers) every day.

The price that we charge for remnants is based on weight in pounds (lbs).

To calculate the weight of a given size piece, of a particular type of plastic remnant, check out the table on this Colorado Plastics blog post, which shows weights per square foot by thickness.

Different types of plastics sell for diffent prices.  And sometimes the same plastic will sell for different prices, depending on color and thickness.  And of course, plastics with stiffening or lubricating additives, like glass-filled nylon or Teflon-filled Delrin, sell for different prices than their unfilled versions.

Here is a table of the everyday remnant price vs 4th Friday remnant prices (in dollars per pound):