March 11th, 2024

The window for this goat’s view is made unbreakable, and thermally insulated, with Gallina brand multi-wall polycarbonate sheet.  Sometimes people refer to this stuff as corrugated plastic or corrugated polycarbonate.  It’s also known by the trade name of Polygal.  When you look down at the cut end of a piece, it resembles a bunch of square tubes glued together.

We have this greenhouse glazing material available in thicknesses from 6mm up to 25mm, widths of 4′ and 6′, continuous lengths of up to 40′ and a variety of colors including clear, white and bronze.

More details about how we sell multiwall polycarbonate, at Colorado Plastics are in this FAQ:


The multi-wall polycarbonate sheet that we usually sell is manufactured by Gallina. You can check out the Gallina website at

The material usually comes in sheets that are 4’ up to 24’ long. Typically, we bring it in as 8’ or 12’ lengths. We can cut it down to size for your job.

The 8mm, 10mm and 16mm thicknesses are usually available 6’ wide as well. Additionally, 25mm triple wall is only available in widths up to 47.75” wide.

Standard thicknesses are 6mm, 8mm and 10mm in 2-wall, and 16mm in 5-wall and 25mm in 5-wall sheets.

Special, factory order thicknesses include 4mm and 4.5mm in twin-wall and 16mm and 20mm in triple-wall, and 20mm in 5-wall sheets.

Standard colors are clear, white (aka ice or opal), and bronze. Additionally, we can get red, blue, green, yellow and orange in 10mm 4’x8’s.

One at time pricing on 4’x8’ sheets in 6mm is $86, in 8mm they’re $94, in 10mm they’re $112 and in 16mm five wall they’re $179.

Of course we will be happy to offer appropriate discounts for larger quantity purchases.

And in terms of actual order filling, here is a bullet-point list of the service parameters that we operate under here:
• The best, all-purpose email address, for quotes, orders, billing, is It goes all three of us on the phones, Zach, Charlie and myself. Phone calls to 303-443-9271 are always welcome also.
• We email order confirmations, we call them Sales Orders, and ask for feedback on item descriptions, quantities, cut dimensions, lead times, prices and buyer contact info, in a cover message to those Sales Orders.
• We can accommodate as many different buyers in your organization, on an order by order basis, as you wish.
• We call the person at your organization, at the phone number listed on the Sales Order, as soon as the order is ready to be picked up. So, we try to remind customers that if they haven’t received a phone call, it means that their order isn’t ready, or the phone number that we have is incorrect.
• We are also happy to email customers when their orders are ready, if they prefer email to a phone call.
• So, we also encourage customers who haven’t heard that their orders are ready, to call or email us before they head over here to pick up orders.
• And, specifically with multiwall polycarbonate, lead times range from 1 to 10 days depending on
o Brand (Gallina vs Polygal)
o Sheet thickness, color and width
o Type of accessories (trims, splines and channels)
o Any cutting to length that may be required
• Finally, we quote estimated lead times as we know them at time of Quote, we re-confirm them in the Sales Order at the time of order