February 21st, 2024

We make custom acrylic boxes here in Boulder County, Colorado.

Custom acrylic box fabrication involves the creation of a unique and tailored acrylic container or display case. The process typically begins with the design phase, where the client specifies the desired dimensions, shape, and features of the box. The fabrication process involves cutting, shaping, and bonding acrylic sheets to create the final product. The end result is a high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing acrylic box that can be used for a variety of purposes, from protecting valuable items to displaying products or artwork.

The kinds of acrylic boxes that we can make include such items as:

  • Acrylic shadow boxes
  • Clear shadow boxes
  • Acrylic display cases
  • Acrylic display boxes
  • Plexiglass shadow boxes
  • Acrylic box with lids
  • Acrylic memorabilia boxes
  • Acrylic art display boxes
  • Acrylic jersey display cases
  • Acrylic football display cases
  • Acrylic baseball display cases
  • Acrylic model display cases
  • Acrylic flag display cases
  • Acrylic medal display cases
  • Acrylic guitar display cases